Why Gambling is a Dangerous Addiction

Why Gambling is a Dangerous AddictionA gambling addiction can seem relatively harmless when it comes to your physical well-being. Other addictions put your physical well-being at risk as you are putting toxins into your body and trying to function while in an altered state. However, there are many dangers that gambling addiction could create. This is a serious problem that requires treatment.

The Cycle of Gambling Addiction

When you think about the cycle of addiction, you probably do envision someone bedraggled and lost, and an addicted gambler rarely conjures up that sort of image. However, the cycle of addiction is very similar for all types of addiction, including gambling. The physical appearance of a gambling addiction may be reflected emotionally or mentally for gambling addicts.

Experts often disagree about the number of stages in the cycle of an addiction, but addiction development may include the following:

  • In the first stage, someone display a problem with gambling, but is not yet displaying any of the negative symptoms. She may be on a winning streak and things are going well, but she is addicted to the high that comes from winning and is ignoring the other areas of her life.
  • The next stage is the losing stage. While some with a gambling addiction may believe that they have incredible luck, the best strategies, and know how to maintain their winning streak, the reality is that everyone loses eventually. As an addicted gambler starts to lose, he will take more risks to try and restore that sense of winning.
  • Desperation soon enters the picture as the gambler takes larger risks with larger amounts of money, and may even take money from friends and family members. Petty theft, in order to fund the addiction, cannot be ruled out at this point.
  • The hopeless stage is the last stage in the cycle of gambling addiction before gambling addiction treatment. In this stage the addict has damaged relationships with friends and family members, hurt her employment, and there may have even been legal trouble. The addict may also get mixed up with the wrong type of crowd in order to further extend her gambling credit or in the hopes of winning some of her money back. This is the point where the gambler can be considered to be at rock bottom.
  • Recovery will be possible with professional addiction treatment that takes all aspects of the addiction into consideration.

How Gambling Addiction Works

There are several key dangers that someone with a pathological gambling problem should be aware of including the following:

  • Severe financial trouble
  • Loss of job and career instability
  • Loss of family, friends, and other support networks
  • Neglecting physical health in lieu of gambling
  • Getting involved with shady characters who unyielding about losses and debts
  • Ignoring the signs of physical stress and anxiety, that could lead to high blood pressure

If you or someone that you love has shown the symptoms of gambling addiction, get quality gambling help.

Gambling Addiction Help

It is important to get professional treatment for gambling addiction. You can determine the depth of your gambling addiction with an online self-test; however, when you call our 24 hour toll-free helpline, you will be able to speak in complete confidence with one of our understanding counselors.

We recognize that it can be difficult to face a problem with gambling; allow us to walk you through the steps to recovery so that you can begin the process of rebuilding your life. Call us today.