When to Call a Gambling Helpline

When to call a gambling helpline“When should I call a gambling helpline?” The simple answer to that question is anytime. The mere fact that you are reading this article is a positive indication that you’re interested in seeking professional help for your problem or the problems facing a love one. Before making this important call, it might help to focus on the issues surrounding a gambling addiction.

It could be that you’ve been keeping all of these concerns about the addiction to yourself and this will be the first time you will be saying them out loud. Don’t worry, the qualified counselors on the other end of a gambling helpline are trained to identify the problems and point you in the right direction for Gambling treatment. They’ve also heard many stories of addiction. You’re not going to surprise or scare them.

Reasons for Reaching for the Phone

Here are some of the reasons you should be reaching for the phone:

  • “My gambling is out of control.” All of this could have started out innocently enough. You went with a group of friends to a casino for a bachelor party and hit it big at the tables. Or you started playing online poker to sharpen your skills for the upcoming game with friends. Somewhere along the line, the gambling continued. The bets got bigger and you just can’t seem to stop yourself. This issue of lack of impulse control is at the core of additive behavior problems.
  • “I don’t have anyone else to talk to.” There will come a time in the downward spiral of the addict’s life when they have become isolated from family and friends. If your gambling is out of control then that can mean you’ve been lying to a spouse or excessively borrowing money from a friend (and not paying them back). You might feel that these folks aren’t going to be sympathetic listeners. A gambling helpline will talk as long as you need to talk.
  • “I have questions about getting help.” They don’t call it a “helpline” for nothing! Speaking with a counselor on a gambling addiction helpline means you’ll be able to cut through the stacks of information you can find online. Seeing all that data could be overwhelming and leave you with the feeling of being even more lost. The helpline is direct and to the point. They’ll guide you through your treatment options.
  • “I need to deal with my gambling problem right away.” We can’t always schedule when crises strike our lives. They can happen at any time and any place. When you feel the need, make the call. It won’t matter if it is lunchtime, your coffee break or the middle of the night; help is standing by.