What Is the Difference between Gambling Addiction and Enjoying Gambling?

What Is the Difference between Gambling Addiction and Enjoying Gambling?Gambling is a risky hobby to pursue. Extremely few people can gamble for fun and then quit when they know they have reached their limit. Winning some money for the first time is not where the beginning gambler stops, as he often tells himself that he will. It only prompts him to continue playing with the money he just won to see if he can win back even more. Rather than providing a mile marker to discontinue gambling, small wins only feed the addiction. It is better to avoid gambling altogether if you are unsure you are addicted, especially given the addictive, escalating nature of gambling, the fact that hardly any gamblers are satisfied as long as they know they could play for higher stakes and the complete waste of money that gambling is.

How to Tell the Difference between Gambling Addiction and Enjoyment

Analyze the following signs to tell if you are addicted to gambling:

  • You make excuses for the habit, lying to yourself and others to continue gambling
  • You do not even enjoy gambling much anymore, but do it because you feel you will go crazy if you do not gamble
  • You ignore the concerns of others who think you should quit, but brush off all doubts, rationalizing them with excuses or thinking you can stop whenever you want

One who enjoys gambling may play a few games at which she is skilled, but she can listen to advice and will stop if she realizes that such action is necessary.

How to Stave off Gambling Addiction

If gambling for money is too much of a problem, but he still enjoys games, he might get together with friends to play for inconsequential items like food or bragging rights. If this solution proves too tantalizing to the real thing, he may need to give up even pseudo-gambling for good. He and his loved ones will all be glad that he did this when they see others whom gambling has ruined.

Finding Assistance for Gambling Addiction

If you are losing your money, your joy of living and your free will to gambling and still you cannot stop, call us right away. We are available 24 hours a day and our helpline is toll free. You are being pulled into a pit out of which you cannot climb on your own, but we can help you. Call us today to ask about treatment options that will lead you out of addiction and into a healthier lifestyle.