Touring Musicians and Gambling Addiction

Touring Musicians and Gambling AddictionMany people associate musicians with addictions to drugs or alcohol. While this industry certainly has its issues with these substances, you may be surprised to learn that gambling is also a great concern for touring musicians. Touring musicians who are addicted to gambling may have gone through rehab for a drug or alcohol addiction, so they may feel that gambling is much less of a concern. However, while gambling may affect a user’s health less than do drugs, it nevertheless causes significant issues. Seek professional help to ensure that you address this issue before it causes irreversible damage.

Are Touring Musicians at Risk for Addiction?

Touring musicians typically endure a significant amount of stress. They may feel the stress to perform flawlessly for each and every show, stress of working long hours under hot and uncomfortable conditions, a sense of instability that comes from being on the road and loneliness from being apart from loved ones. With so many people in the music industry suffering from addiction, there is also the increased risk of peer pressure from people who abuse drugs, alcohol, the opposite sex or even gambling.

Dangers of Gambling Addiction

You may wonder how gambling can become a concern, particularly if the musician can maintain her ability to perform well and avoid the consequences of drug abuse. Well, an addiction to gambling is known as a process addiction, or an addictive behavior. In other words, any behavior can become an addiction, regardless of what the guilty pleasure may be. Compulsive behavior can be destructive, regardless of whether the addict drinks too much, uses illicit drugs or spends extraordinarily large amounts of money and time gambling. The financial impact of gambling immediately faces a gambling addict, and this issue can be devastating. However, repeated losses can also lead to depression, anxiety and the potential to rely on drugs and alcohol to self-medicate resulting depression, stress or anxiety.

Additionally, online gambling allows gambling musicians to hide their activities and gamble regardless of where they may be. This also means that gambling can occur at home, where it may accelerate and impact those who are closest to the musician. To treat such serious problems, rehab can help touring musicians address the underlying emotional and mental health concerns that may drive the gambling problem. With time in a rehab facility, musicians can learn to walk away from gambling and substance abuse, and then refocus back on music.

Rehab Facilities for Touring Musicians

To find a confidential rehab center for touring musicians, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Our counselors can provide a list of resources that can help musicians. Rehab help is just a phone call away for gambling addicted musicians, so seek professional help as soon as you recognize a problem, not when you think you have the time or can afford it.