The Similarities between Gambling and Drug Addiction

The Similarities between Gambling and Drug AddictionA gambling addict is a person who cannot stop gambling or control his or her impulses when gambling. Often a gambling addict will continue to play even if the activity is damaging relationships, finances or work performance. Addicts can become hooked on activities like betting on races, playing poker, using slot machines, playing roulette or participating in other games of chance. Anyone can be affected by gambling addiction regardless of race, wealth or age.

Similarly a drug addict is a person who can’t stop using a substance. This substance may be a prescription drug, an illegal drug or alcohol. Drug addiction causes physical and emotional side effects and can easily ruin the finances, relationships and health of the user. Drug addicts are often completely out of control of their actions and suffer major neurological changes because of their drug use. As with gambling addiction no one is immune to drug addiction.

The Causes of Gambling and Drug Addictions

Any addiction is a complex illness with no single identifiable cause. Both gambling and drug addictions are considered mental health issues that stem from an inability to control impulses. There are several possible causes of addiction including the following:

  • Exposure to gambling or drug addictions as a child
  • Unresolved emotional trauma
  • Mental health issues
  • An inability to control impulses
  • Depression

Those suffering from depression and other mental health issues may use gambling and drug abuse to combat too many or too few emotions.

The Consequences of Gambling and Drug Addiction

Any addiction is expensive. Gambling causes the addict to loose large quantities of cash with little or no profit. Often if a gambling addict can’t afford or can’t find enough money to participate in his or her activity of choice, he or she will result to stealing or borrowing to get the funds to play. A similar sign of drug addiction is theft and manipulation by the user in order to maintain a supply of the substance. Instead of treating money responsibly and paying bills or buying food, gambling and drug addicts will spend grocery and rent money to support their habits. Gamblers and drug addicts may end up homeless or may find that loved ones will no longer feed, support or house them. Though drug and gambling addictions can start casually, they quickly become overpowering. Instead of focusing on relationships and work performance a gambler or drug addict focuses on the next time he or she can participate is his or her activity of choice. Though drug and gambling addictions do not resemble one another, they behave in similar ways and have similar consequences. Regardless of what you are addicted to, an addiction has the power to ruin your friendships, finances, health and life. Get help, and get it under control.

Help for Gambling and Drug Addiction

If you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or gambling, call our toll-free helpline. We can answer any questions that you may have about either illness and can provide the help that you need to get back on track. It is never too late. Call us today.