The Dangers of Romanticizing Gambling

The Dangers of Romanticizing GamblingEveryone can dream big with thoughts of living in a large, oceanfront home with maids to clean up, going out to fancy dinners every night, having a closet filled with designer clothes and loading up the driveway with top of the line vehicles. Living the life seen on TV and movies and having the money to live as if there are no cares in the world can be more appealing to most than anything else. However, focusing too much on the idea of making it big can be extremely dangerous. Many people who are unable to distinguish the difference between what is real and what is just a facade may have difficulty handling their money, often times finding themselves in the seats of the closest casino with chips in hand. Romanticizing a life filled with money acquired by gambling can be extremely dangerous.

Dangers of Gambling

Constantly imagining what it would be like to win big at a casino or to have enough money to try and double a bet can be indicative of addictive behaviors. The following are some of the attitudes that can lead to a gambling addiction:

  • Play small, win big: The idea that a gambler can throw down 20 dollars and potentially double the bet can be deceiving. People can quickly begin to rationalize placing small bets here and there as it does not seem like they are spending lots of money. However, these small bets can add up quickly. Before they know it, these small bets can be more than they planned on spending.
  • Chasing the dream win: Everyone in a casino setting wants to be the person who wins big, causing the sirens to go off, the lights to flash and coins to fill up the winner’s cup. Chasing this dream can end with little to no reward as the odds of this happening are so small. Romanticizing gambling and winning big can be risky since continuing to play can result in severe debt.
  • Living outside one’s means: A gambling addiction can cause a person to live outside of his or her means, meaning that he or she is spending more than what he or she is actually earning. This financial behavior can be very dangerous because spending can quickly be rationalized, but it can take years to fill up the bank account again.

Romanticizing gambling and the idea of achieving the impossible with as little means as possible can prove to be a major letdown, not only for the person doing the gambling, but also for those who are directly affected by the gambler’s actions.

Help for a Gambling Addiction

If you are addicted to gambling, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now to get the help you need. Do not waste one more second living outside your means by gambling. Reach out to us today.