Signs of Gambling Addiction

Signs of Gambling AddictionIf you suspect someone you care about might be having issues with a gambling addiction then the signs of gambling addiction might help you engage in a dialogue with them to discuss the matter. If this is a personal issue, then you might be able to see where these signs of gambling addiction apply to your own life. Fortunately, with either one of those scenarios help is just a phone call away.

4 Signs of Gambling Addiction

  • Uncontrollable Urge to Gamble. The majority of people who visit a casino or play an occasional game of chance will never have that evolve into a full-blown compulsion. They will be able to place a bet and win, lose or draw, they can walk away without giving it a second thought. However, when that urge to gamble takes over, forcing you to engage in betting then there is a cause for concern. You’ll know this is a problem when someone continues to gamble even when they know they shouldn’t.
  • The Need to Hide the Gambling. A person caught in the throes of a gambling addiction will often choose to gamble alone. This can mean late night sessions with online gambling sites or secret trips to casinos. You’ll notice this showing up when someone avoids answering the simple question, “What have you been up to?” On a personal level, how many times have you lied to cover your tracks?
  • Gambling with Money You Don’t Have. Walking away from a winning streak is the only way to insure you can keep those winnings. For the addicted gambler, a winning streak is just the beginning. They will not only squander away those initial pots, but continue to rack up losses. Wiping out savings accounts and running up credit cards are not uncommon for the addict.
  • Strained Relationships. All of the preceding signs lead to the biggest problem for a gambling addict — the fractures in their relationships. Hiding activities and lying to a spouse is what drives couples apart. Add into the mix all the missing money and getting fired from a job and that marriage is headed for divorce court. If kids are in the picture, they will get caught in the middle of the struggles. Then there is the constant borrowing money from friends and avoiding them when you can’t pay them back. Cutting yourself off from those who care the most about you is a sure sign of a gambling addiction problem.

Treat the Signs of Gambling Addiction

If you see any of these signs of gambling addiction cropping up in the life of someone you love or in your own life, ask for help. The gambling addiction treatment helpline toll-free number on this page can be the start. The real shame of a gambling addiction would be not getting the help you need when it so readily available.