Race Track Gambling Addiction

Race Track Gambling AddictionThe casual gambler will always have their favorite game of chance. Ask anyone who is headed to a casino for a little vacation fun and they’ll tell you what they prefer to play whether that’s blackjack, the slots, roulette or craps. Travel to the big casinos and you’ll discover they are constantly finding new games to tempt you with. Translation: new ways for the casino to take your money.

In terms of betting on horse races, it takes a certain level of skill to pick a winner but you’re still betting the odds. However, many race track aficionados relish in the opportunity to pour over racing forms to handicap an upcoming match. That might seem like a lot of work for some people but for race track bettor, it’s all part of the game.

Just like other kinds of gambling can lead to problems, a person with an inclination for compulsive behavior can become addicted to race track gambling. You might think this is limiting because the town you’re in doesn’t even have a race track. That won’t stop a habitual gambler. Many cities license OTB or Off Track Betting. This is where a gambler can literally spend the day betting on races from all around the country and the world for that matter. There is also plenty of online race track betting to be found. Right now, somewhere on the planet, this is probably some kind of race going on that is taking action.

Signs of Race Track Gambling Addiction

A person who has a race track gambling addiction is going to go through the exact same serious of problems as any other kind of gambling addict. Among them are:

  • Wiping out savings or running up credit cards to pay for bets
  • Preoccupation with the gambling event through research, planning and betting
  • Hiding losses from a spouse or friends
  • Sneaking off to bet in solitude
  • Increasing the risk to increase the potential payoff

In other words, take away the method and you’re left with the same addictive personality disorders. Even if the race track bettor confines their actions to a weekly trip to an actual race track, the concern becomes with them risking money they don’t have and alienating loved ones. Answer this: has the gambling taken over their lives? If so, then it’s time to get help.

Race Track Gambling Addiction Treatment

There have been many successful forms of gambling addiction treatment developed over the years. When the problem has reached the crisis point, the best course of action is to seek out professional help.

Even if someone swears they’ll quit betting on the horses, there is no guarantee they won’t pick up other gambling habits. The goal is to focus on the reasons why they are exhibiting compulsive behavior in the first place. Only when they identify those issues and develop the essential skills to combat the urge to bet can they truly embrace the recovery process. The vital work of reclaiming your life from gambling can begin with a call to the toll-free number on this page.