Poker Addiction

Poker AddictionOver the last couple of years, the poker game “Texas Hold ‘Em” has gained in popularity. The World Championship of Poker is a weekly television series showcasing high stake versions of the game. The game has also become the number one choice for amateur poker players who gather in garages and basements for a weekly or monthly game. There is nothing wrong with these games among friends.

Unfortunately, these are the very same games that might be whetting the appetite of a potential gambling addict. When the thrill of a low stakes game is no longer satisfying, they’ll begin to seek places to wager bigger bets. This can begin a harmful cycle of playing poker in casinos, online and in some potentially dangerous underground settings. A poker addiction can just as quickly destroy a life as any other kind of addiction.

What Can You Lose with a Poker Addiction?

  • Money. The chase is all about raking in that big pot. The only way to get there is with high stakes betting. This will force a person with a poker addiction to spend more money at each game. This leads to wiping out savings and running credit cards to the maximum limit in search of cash advances.
  • Relationships. Think about the people you hold dear in your life. A wife, a son, a daughter, a brother, a mother, a best friend: they will all be put at risk with an untreated poker addiction. The addict will be spending more time feeding their habit then supporting those relationships. Add to that all the lies and secrets and it won’t take much for those loved ones to push the addict further into isolation.
  • Jobs. Of course, you can’t start up a game of “Texas Hold ‘Em” during office hours, but a true poker addict won’t need that for their fix. They can play poker online. Doing that means they’ll be shirking work responsibilities. How long will a boss put up with that? And how hard will it be to get a new job when you have to explain why you were fired from the previous one?

The types of loses listed above barely scratch the surface of the destruction that a poker addiction can have one a person’s life. In extreme cases, those feelings of isolation and desperation can lead a person to make some extremely wrong decisions like theft or suicide. It doesn’t have to get that bad. Reaching out for help is as easy as making a phone call. The gambling addiction treatment helpline number listed on this page can be the call that is going to change your life.