Online Gambling Addiction

Online Gambling AddictionIn many ways, the Internet has become the proverbial “genie out of the bottle” or “the toothpaste out of the tube.” There is just no going back. That doesn’t mean the Internet is all bad. In fact, right now there are literally millions of people around the globe using the internet for business, school and staying in touch. Sadly, there are probably just as many users who aren’t being as productive. One of the triggers of any addiction is easy access to the habit. This is especially true with someone who has developed an online gambling addiction.

There is a proliferation of internet gambling sites that provide a virtual casino for anyone who wants to play at any time of the day or night. This includes children. Just because a person has an online addiction doesn’t mean they won’t be suffering from the same consequences of other gambling addicts.

Signs of Online Gambling Addiction

An online gambling addict will:

  • Lose track of time while gambling online
  • Continue to bet even when they know they shouldn’t
  • Put their job at risk by gambling at the office
  • Lie to family and friends about their online gambling
  • Run up huge debts to feed the addiction

Believe it or not, there are many restrictions for the online gambling industry in the U.S. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in 2006. According to this law, it is illegal for anyone to transfer funds from an American financial institution (like a bank or credit card company) to any illegal internet gambling websites. This is meant to include those sites that operate outside of the United States. Has that stopped online gambling? Absolutely not. Those sites have found many loopholes and ways around that law. The gambling addict will have no problem finding a way to make a bet.

The American Psychiatric Association’s Advisory on Internet Gambling has found that a person who is predisposed to a gambling addiction could end up having a more serious compulsive habit by using the Internet. It’s simply just too easy to log on and start betting. That temptation is always there anytime that person boots up their computer.

One other aspect that many online gambling addicts don’t seem to understand is how easy it is for those sites to commit fraud. Not only do they control the outcomes of the game, but anytime a person shares their information online, they run the risk of becoming the victim of identity theft.

Help for Online Gambling Addiction

Fortunately, there is help for anyone who feels trapped with an online gambling addiction. As the methods of gambling have changed, so have the gambling addiction treatment programs available. There are very positive course of treatment that target online gambling addictions. A proactive step would be to call the toll-free number on this page and ask about treatment options.