Lottery Gambling Addiction

Lottery Gambling AddictionWhat do the states of Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming all have in common? They are the only states in the country that don’t operate a lottery. That leaves plenty of other folks with the opportunity to buy a weekly or even daily tickets. Whenever a jackpot climbs high, more and more people will line up for tickets. That ends up raising the jackpot itself. Once the numbers are drawn and they realize their million dollar dreams won’t be coming true, many people move on with their lives. This was just an occasional moment of chance that only cost a couple of bucks.

However, there are many other folks who find it extremely difficult to walk away from the lottery. These are the people who have developed a lottery gambling addiction. While it is true that you might not be able to spend as much on lottery tickets as you would with a night at a casino, there is just as much cause for concern with this type of gambling addiction. Can you recognize these symptoms in someone you love or in yourself?

Lottery Gambling Addiction Symptoms

  • No Control. A person with a lottery gambling addiction suffers from the same lack of impulse control as any other addict. The temptation is overwhelming and they are compelled to buy a series of lottery tickets every day, oftentimes not just the number tickets but all those scratcher tickets as well.
  • Financial Hardship. Sure, it only takes a dollar to play, but how many of those dollars should be used to pay bills, buy food or take care of family needs? If more money is going to buying lottery tickets then taking care of a family, there is a problem.
  • Obsessive Thoughts. We all dream of winning that big lottery pot but these are fleeting thoughts. For the lottery gambling addict, this is all they think about. Not only are they thinking about how they’ll spend their winnings, but also how to get more money for tickets. Then there is the obsession with what numbers to play. With all the books and websites that are dedicated to picking numbers, it’s easy to see how a lottery gambling addict can spend too much time lost in thought.

Help for Lottery Gambling Addiction

Because lotteries are sanctioned by the states, there is a sense that they are harmless. The money goes to schools, right? What could be so bad? It’s when the only reason for living is playing the lottery that it can get very harmful. Help is out there. The toll-free gambling treatment helpline on this page can guide you towards effective treatment and recovery programs. Instead of playing the lottery, call today.