Isolation and Gambling Addiction

Isolation and Gambling AddictionIsolation can encourage a gambling addiction, but it may also result from an addiction. Some people choose to isolate themselves, but others suffer isolation due to uncontrollable factors. Either way, isolation can bring a great deal of loneliness, boredom and malcontent, which can push people to abuse behaviors like gambling. This activity can attract lonely people who unwillingly live in isolation.

People can gamble either by themselves or with others. The risks of gambling can excite isolated individuals, a feeling they may miss from lacking relationships. Gambling enables lonely people to engage and interact with others, but these other people may only desire money. There is usually some underlying issue that causes isolation, and people can use gambling to treat that problem.

How Gambling Addiction Causes Isolation

Many gambling addicts eventually endure isolation. A gambling addiction can cause extreme financial hardship, legal problems, physical and psychosocial health problems, but addiction means that people will keep going despite the harm. Most gambling addicts become isolated in an attempt to hide their addictions from others. While the addict may initially want to minimize how much his behavior damages others, eventually he will push away anything that obstructs the addiction.

Gambling problems cause isolation also because friends, family, coworkers and other gamers often get tired of the deceptive behaviors addicts use when they need more money. Gambling addicts can get so deeply indebted that loan sharks hunt them, collection agencies call their homes and workplaces or they lose their assets. This can hinder loved ones and even put them in harm’s way. The stress, fear and pressure of compulsive gambling can cause serious anxiety issues or depression. These problems may encourage people to abuse drugs to relieve their pain.

Because gambling addicts often isolate themselves from others, getting an addict into treatment is often a challenge. Without friends or family getting involved, it is unlikely that she will seek help before she hits rock bottom. People who recognize their problems with gambling must seek help right away, specifically before they cause too much damage. Friends and family who are concerned that a loved one needs help should intervene, no matter how far the individual has isolated herself.

Help for Gambling Addiction

If you or someone you care about needs help for gambling addiction, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our phone counselors are here 24 hours a day to assist you with whatever questions you have and to provide information you may need. Life is too short to risk on addiction, so call us now for professional help.