Is My Loved One’s Gambling Problem My Fault?

Is My Loved One's Gambling Problem My Fault?It is easy to blame yourself when your loved one is struggling with a gambling addiction. Even if you know the addiction is not your fault, you may still wonder if you are enabling your loved one. Ask yourself a few questions to reduce the burden of blame and guilt that you are feeling.

Ask Yourself about the Gambling Problem

Ask yourself the following questions, while considering the cycle of gambling addiction in your loved one:

  • Did you notice their problem gambling starting some time ago?
  • Could you have stopped their gambling before it progressed to the point it is at now?
  • Did you have the foresight to realize that their love for gambling was going to turn into a full-blown addiction?
  • Have you been providing financial support that has allowed them to keep on gambling?
  • Is your home and family life strained now because of their problem gambling?

Even if you had recognized that the signs of a pathological gambling problem were beginning, the addiction is not your fault. Those who are addicted to gambling are skilled at hiding their addiction and associated addictive behaviors from their friends and family members.

We all exercise free will at the start of any addiction. We choose to engage in behaviors that are potentially dangerous or life altering. Although an addiction is a disease and is beyond an individual’s control, early choices to participate in a behavior are just that—choices. You are not the person to blame for your loved one’s first going online to gamble or heading off to the casino. Some people develop their addiction to gambling as a means of escaping from the realities of life, but free will still plays a role in early stages of such addictions. The most important thing is that you take the opportunity to get your loved one the professional care that they need in order to recover from this damaging addiction.

We Can Help Your Loved One Stop Gambling

Call our toll-free helpline today. Our experienced and compassionate counselors can help you determine the next step in getting your loved one into a gambling addiction treatment program. We can also help you with the verification of your available insurance for rehab. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and address any concerns that you might have about your loved one’s gambling addiction.