Is My Gambling Addiction My Fault?

Is My Gambling Addiction My Fault?Are you struggling with a gambling addiction? Those who find themselves with gambling problem can be filled with a range of conflicting emotions. Guilt is something that many addicts struggle with, especially addicts with behavioral rather than substance addictions. Learning more about gambling addiction can help you to better understand it, understand yourself and start the process of getting quality addiction treatment.

Gambling Addiction Symptoms

The symptoms of gambling addiction can greatly vary between individuals. Learning how to recognize symptoms can help you recognize your behavior and learn how to avoid your behavioral triggers. Symptoms may include the following:

  • Financial troubles. Certainly sometimes gamblers do get lucky and see an increase in their bank accounts. However for the most part they find themselves with severe financial troubles that can lead to an inability to pay the mortgage or even buy groceries for the family.
  • A strong preoccupation with gambling. Thoughts of gambling invade every thought and action. The preoccupation will also include scheming of new ways to get additional money.
  • An increase in the gambling risks taken. An addicted gambler may risk increasingly larger amounts of money in order to increase chances at a high-stakes win.
  • An inability to stop gambling behaviors despite having tried.
  • Increased lying. A gambling addiction will lie to explain missing money or what he or she is doing with free time.
  • Theft. Petty theft may escalate into more serious theft. Addicts start by stealing from their family members, friends and coworkers, when they run out of money.
  • Problems at work or the loss of a job.
  • Problems within personal relationships. Relationship troubles related to gambling could result in a divorce or the loss of child custody.

Getting quality gambling addiction treatment will help you to break away from the control that gambling has over you, your life and the lives of those who love you.

Get Help for a Gambling Problem

The sooner that you reach out for professional treatment for your addiction, the sooner you will be able to face a life that is within your control. Call our toll-free helpline to speak with one of our counselors. We can offer guidance, provide information or a quick gambling addiction assessment, and can help to answer any questions you may have about a gambling addiction. We are here to help you to break the cycle of gambling addiction so that your life can be yours.