How to Recover from Gambling Addiction

How to Recover from Gambling AddictionHave you heard the phrase, “The house always wins?” It’s a cautionary warning for anyone who steps into a casino, but it can also apply to many other forms of gambling, from the neighborhood poker game to the horse track to betting on football. You might think you’re on a winning streak, but that can only truly occur if you stop gambling.

Like many other forms of compulsive behavior, a gambling addiction can have a devastating impact on everyone that circles around the sufferer. Suddenly, that winning spirit is crushed when you get caught stealing from work to support a gambling habit. What happens when a spouse is forced to give the ultimatum, “It’s either me or the gambling?” What about the desolation that comes with having financial security that was built up over a lifetime wiped out?

Effectively Recover from Gambling Addiction

No one begins gambling with the idea, “Hey, I can’t wait to ruin my life!” Fortunately, there are proven ways to kick the gambling habit. The following three approaches have shown to be the most popular courses of treating gambling addictions.

1.  Heal Yourself

There are many ways you can educate yourself about your gambling habits. The very fact that you’re reading this article means that there is a concern about gambling in your life. For many, getting information from websites like this one is the first positive step they are taking for their recovery.

Using the “cold turkey” approach to stop gambling is certainly a noble way to go. Many of us like to think we can fix our own problems. The caution with the self-help approach is that it comes with a certain level of denial. If you think all you have to do is stop playing online poker or avoid Vegas then you might be kidding yourself. You could have the will to stop altogether, but unless you take a good look at why you got into a serious gambling habit in the first place, there is always the chance of relapse. You could heal yourself, but you increase your chances for success by seeking qualified help.

2. Join Gamblers Anonymous

Following the model of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA, Gamblers Anonymous or GA has adapted their own 12-step recovery program for compulsive gamblers. The foundation for programs like this comes with the group sharing environment. A lot of strength can be found in a circle of people committed to their recovery. Hearing other people’s stories of desperation and inspiration can go a long way towards helping you with your own issues.

Just like with AA, there are also many branches of Gamblers Anonymous that can incorporate your level of recovery and include family members who have suffered because of this situation. What you might discover at your first meeting is that there is no shame in seeking help. That’s an invaluable lesson for sure.

3.  Enroll in Therapy and Rehab

One very effective method to kick-start your recovery from a gambling addiction is to enroll in ongoing therapy. This can begin with a stay at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. An approach like this provides the sufferer with total focus on all the issues surrounding their addiction. Staying at a rehab means there is no escape from your recovery, but that’s a good thing!

You’ll also be given the tools to be able to adapt to the influences of the outside world. This is the most important aspect of rehab treatment. Throughout your stay, you’ll be involved with intensive therapy sessions. These sessions can continue beyond your rehab stay as a way to keep you on that road to recovery.

More Information on How to Recover from Gambling Addiction

No matter which approach you decide is best for yourself, make sure you get all the information you need. The gambling addiction treatment toll-free number on this page can point you to some of the answers you seek.