How to Get Help for Gambling Addiction

How to Get Help for Gambling AddictionThe dictionary defines addiction as “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming.” That definition can apply to a long list of items. The key phrase there is “the state of being enslaved.” Applying that definition directly to our lives means that everything from food to liquor to watching soap operas can be considered an addiction. This can only occur if we become so attached to that substance or activity that the rest of our lives suffer.

Now apply that definition to the issue of gambling. We’re not talking about the occasional purchase of a lottery ticket or a charity bingo game. A serious gambling addiction has far more serious consequences. In extreme cases, this type of addiction can lead to financial ruin and the destruction of a family. Fortunately, for those who find themselves or their loved ones caught in the throes of a gambling addiction, there are effective forms of treatment available to break the shackles of this enslavement.

As with any type of productive treatment program, the first step is to recognize the problem. Can you see any of these conditions in your loved one or even in yourself?

Signs of a Gambling Addiction

  • A constant preoccupation with the reliving or planning of gambling experiences.
  • A feeling of needing more money to gamble with just to match the previous “high.”
  • Multiple failed attempts to stop betting or gambling.
  • Using gambling as an excuse to relieve stress, depression or anxiety.
  • Chasing the win by going back to gambling to recoup losses.
  • Lying to anyone to hide how extensive the gambling problem has become.
  • Crossing the line into criminal behavior like stealing, forgery or fraud to get money for gambling.
  • Putting personal and work relationships at risk because of gambling activities.
  • Being forced to get money from other people to fix a financial crisis as a result of gambling losses.

These red flag issues could pertain to someone you care about. They could also be happening in your own life. Once the problem is recognized, the focus should shift to finding the right help.

Get Help to Beat a Gambling Addiction

A gambling addiction doesn’t take over a person’s life in just one night. That means that the road to recovery is going to be a long journey. After asking for help, the person suffering from gambling addiction should have a complete mental and physical evaluation by a qualified physician and/or therapist. Once that evaluation is complete, a comprehensive recovery plan can be created that is tailored specifically to the needs of the addict.

For some, an effective course of treatment can be found though prescribed drug therapies involving antidepressants or re-uptake inhibitors. Others have found positive results through ongoing therapy sessions. These can be in the form of one-on-one or group therapy meetings. It is through these sessions that the root cause of the gambling addiction can be delved into. Then valuable behavior modifications can be established to help combat the trigger issues that set off a gambling binge. Once the treatment course has been established, the entire family can be brought into the process to further the recovery journey.

Get Help for Gambling Addiction Today

Although there is a great deal of information available online, the real work of treating a gambling addiction can only occur through the guidance of trained and experience professionals. For more information about various gambling addiction treatment options, you can call the toll-free number on this page for a consultation. No matter how much despair you might be in, it’s never too late to turn around a gambling addiction.