How to Control Your Environment to Avoid a Gambling Relapse

How to Control Your Environment to Avoid a Gambling RelapseThe best course of action for a gambling addict is to seek treatment. Gambling addicts must be aware of what triggers them to gamble which may include the following:

  • Having money that is not budgeted for a necessary expense gives an addict the means to gamble. All money should be carefully monitored and should not be easily accessible to the gambler. On the other end of the spectrum is the need for money. When a gambler needs money, often the first thought is to acquire it by gambling. At the root of this is the addict’s attitude toward money: if money is a hard-earned necessity, then addicts have a difficult time squandering it away on gambling. However, if money is viewed as a means of entertainment, then a gambler is at risk for relapse.
  • Having too much unallocated time can make a person look for an activity to stay busy. For a gambler, free time can mean time to gamble. An example of managing time effectively is to break the cycle of when you used to gamble. For example, if Friday nights were your poker nights, consider exchanging poker for a healthier ritual.
  • Emotional and mental health – Fluctuations in your mood and feelings about yourself can trigger the desire to escape through gambling

To avoid a gambling relapse, it is important for you to monitor your thoughts about money, how you use your time and how you feel about yourself.

Avoid Gambling Relapse

You may avoid a gambling relapse if you implement the following tips:

  • Get support – Call a family member, meet a friend for lunch or attend a Gamblers Anonymous meeting if you feel cravings to relapse
  • Distraction – Do something else to occupy your time, such as a physical activity, going to a community event or watching a movie
  • Wait – Postpone gambling by waiting as long as you think you can. The idea here is to reduce the urge to gamble over time.
  • Recall negative memories from your gambling experiences. By doing so, you may realize how important it is for you to avoid that lifestyle.

To maintain freedom from gambling addiction, gamblers must make healthier choices and develop a good support network to resist cravings.

Help for Gambling Addiction

Finding the right treatment program to meet your needs can be overwhelming, so get professional advice to determine the most appropriate treatment for your unique needs. While recovery is difficult, it is possible and we can help, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about gambling addiction treatment.