How Should I Pay for Rehab?

How Should I Pay for Rehab?If you have a substance addiction, rehab may be the most valuable investment you make. The expertise and energy brought to bear against your addiction in rehab can help you gain control, in a matter of weeks, over a problem that has been building for years. The cost of some of these programs can be much more than you are prepared to pay. Fortunately, there are many ways you can get the treatment you need within a budget that you can manage.

Claiming Insurance

Health insurance may pay for your rehab. A 2008 law called the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act mandated that insurance which covered mental health had to cover it as generously as surgery or other physical health services.

Nonetheless, many health insurance plans are exempt from the parity requirement. Even if there is parity in coverage, the whole plan might have very meager coverage. There could be a cap on the number of days covered or their total cost.

If you plan to have your rehab paid for through insurance, be sure to read the fine print and then be prepared to claim the full benefit.

Finding Lower Cost Options

Not all rehabs cost the same for patients or their insurance plans. Rehab options with lower costs might include:

  • Non-luxury rehabs
  • Government funded programs
  • Charitably funded programs

Exploring as many programs as possible can help you find one whose cost to you is lower than expected.

Spreading Out the Cost

To keep finances from keeping people out of treatment, many rehab facilities can set up a payment plan agreement for you. In effect, they loan you the money to cover the cost of treatment and let you pay it back over time. Some programs may partner with a bank that actually makes loans to patients. Just like making payments on a new car, you can begin benefiting from the treatment right away and pay for it a little at a time.

Asking for Help

Many addicts are reluctant to ask for financial help from family and friends in order to pay for rehab. Ironically, this reluctance may come from having already asked for money that was spent on drugs to feed the addiction.

But even friends or family who have vowed never to help you with money again may still be willing to help with treatment. Your treatment program can be verified and paid directly so that the money is used only to get help rather than to get more drugs. Many people in your life may have been waiting for an opportunity to provide real and lasting help.

Cost of Action vs Addiction

Depending on your situation, rehab may come at a significant cost to you or your family. A natural question is whether you can afford it. But to really answer that question, you must consider the costs of putting off rehab. Without rehab, how much longer will the addiction continue? What is the cost of drugs? How much productivity are you losing at work? Will you lose your job? What damage is being done to your health? How much is your family suffering?

When considering all of these costs, rehab becomes a clear bargain over addiction. Bearing the cost of rehab now will let you avoid many greater costs in the future.

A Call for Help

If addiction rehab is on your wish list for yourself or someone you know, call our 24 hour helpline to learn more about costs and payments. The toll-free call costs nothing at all.