How Has Gambling Addiction Touched Your Life?

How Has Gambling Addiction Touched Your Life?A gambling addiction is costly. The potential consequences do not just affect one’s finances, but also her relationships, family, job, health and more. The consequences impact the lives of others as well, which can cause many problems and destroy valuable relationships. Those affected by the addiction may do their best to offer support, but sometimes the addiction drives people away. It is difficult for addicts to recognize the harm and hurt they are causing.

How Gambling Addiction Affects Family

A gambling addiction can affect families in the following ways:

  • The entire family may face financial troubles, mounting bills, debt, credit problems, forced home sale and etc.
  • The addiction can isolate others
  • Family members may be neglected
  • The addict creates a stressful environment for the entire family
  • Family members may worry, be angry and even feel betrayed by the addict
  • Family members can develop health problems such as anxiety, depression, sleep problems, ulcers and more

Gambling addiction certainly takes its toll on addicts, but it also does so to the addict’s family.

How Gambling Addiction Affects Relationships

As a gambling addiction progresses, addicts become consumed with gambling activity. Their thoughts are dedicated to finding money, paying debts and seeking their next gambling activity. This compulsive behavior takes over the addict’s entire life. Relationships that interfere with the addiction will be destroyed because the addiction has more importance. People who confront addicts about their behavior may be pushed away or the addict may even lie about gambling activity. Friends, acquaintances and even strangers will avoid those who are constantly asking to borrow money. The gambling addiction can create depression, anxiety and guilt that can also impact relationships. Gambling addicts tend to seek out other high-risk activities like substance abuse. Reckless, even abusive behavior can destroy relationships with friends and family.

How Gambling Addiction Affects Employment

A gambling addiction interferes with an individual’s work performance. The addict may skip work to gamble or even gamble online or over the phone while at work. The time and attention given to the addiction will decrease one’s productivity at work. Coworkers may have to pick up heavier workloads with the addict’s physical and mental absence. The decline in work performance will create a stressful work environment because the addict is unreliable. The addiction can also raise concerns about the addict’s trustworthiness when it comes to money. Coworkers can become disgruntled with the addict’s behavior and feel threatened that his laziness may cost them a job.

Find Help for a Loved One’s Gambling Addiction

If you are concerned that a loved one struggles with a gambling addiction, we can help. Please call our toll-free helpline to speak with an addiction counselor who can help you find the right treatment. Addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions, address concerns and provide you with information about gambling addiction treatment. Call now to learn how we can help you find successful treatment.