Having Money as a Trigger for Gambling

Having Money as a Trigger for GamblingGambling is a major problem for many people. However, many gambling addicts are able to find the help they need to recover from their addiction, which is a major accomplishment. While these addicts have worked through their issues surrounding their gambling addiction, there are always going to be roadblocks and obstacles that they must work through during their recovery, including learning how to prevent money from being a trigger.

Negative Effects of Money

If having money in your possession is a major trigger, carrying money or being responsible for it can cause negative consequences in your life. Relapse is possible if you are easily triggered by having money on you. Not only does it provide you with the memory of what it was like to use your money for gambling, but it also tempts you to take the same actions as you did in the past. Doing so would result in relapse, putting you back at square one in your recovery.

Ways to Prevent Being Triggered by Money

As money is always going to be a part of your life, it is important that you develop ways to combat the temptation to use it for gambling purposes. The following are ways to prevent money from being a trigger for relapse:

  • Carry cash. When it comes to cash, only carry on you what you will need for the day. For example, enough money for gas and lunch during your workday would be an appropriate amount for you to carry. Taking more money with you than needed can encourage you to spend it by gambling.
  • Control debit and credit card use. Do not keep a large amount of money on your debit card; instead, keep only what you need for your immediate purposes. Also, keep your credit cards at home or with a family member or friend so you are less tempted to charge gambling or other unnecessary expenses.
  • Set a budget with your bank. Talk with your bank to determine a suitable amount of money for you to be able to withdraw per day, and see if they can set you up with a plan that will help limit your potential for withdrawing too much at one time. This will leave you with no other option than to only withdraw and manage a certain amount of money each day.

It is important to let your friends and family know your current status as a recovering gambling addict so that they can help support you. Allowing them to have that role in your life can be greatly beneficial. They will help you stick to your ground rules and keep you on the path to recovery.

Do You Need Help Handling Your Gambling Triggers?

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