Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling Addiction Help

The concept of “hitting rock bottom” for any type of addiction means different things for different people. Those who are suffering from substance abuse might find the total physical breakdown of their body to be the sign it’s time to get help. For a person suffering from a gambling addiction, that “rock bottom” moment could come when they are sitting alone in a foreclosed home that they lost because of gambling debts. It could also come when they have been arrested for robbery to support their gambling habit. Whatever the situation, there is help standing by for the gambling addict and they don’t even have to be at rock bottom.

Inpatient Rehabilitation for Gambling Addiction

“I’m checking myself into rehab.” That powerful statement shows a strong level of commitment. Deciding to get help for a gambling addiction at a rehab center shouldn’t be considered a last act of a desperate person. Instead, it should be embraced as the first step of regaining a life.

The structured environment of rehab allows patients who are at all levels of their addiction to deal with their problem head-on. It’s a way to spend focused time dedicated to unlocking the reasons for the compulsive behavior. Once that work has begun, effective new skills can be developed to prevent those gambling impulses from taking over again.

The rehab stay provides opportunities for private therapy sessions. These serve as the bridge towards open group therapy environments where sharing is essential for the healing process. When a patient has become familiar with these forms of therapy, they are more likely to continue their recovery work once they graduate from the rehab center.

Support Groups for Gambling Addiction Treatment

Beyond the productive work accomplished with a rehab stay, the recovering gambling addict can find ongoing help through participation in support groups. Many of these groups are modeled on the principles behind Alcoholics Anonymous. Becoming engaged with these types of groups can also provide the recovering gambling addict with a sponsor. This is someone who has literally walked along the same recovery road. A sponsor is the “go to” person to call when those feelings of compulsion become intense. It will happen, but there are ways to push back against those impulses.

Therapy for Gambling Addiction Treatment

A recovery gambling addiction won’t be able to wrap up their need for therapy with a four-week rehabilitation stay. It’s only the beginning. An addict didn’t lose everything they own in a single bet. The kind of devastation created by a gambling addiction takes a while to build up. It will also take a while for the healing process to sink in. Working with a therapist is a perfect way to get in touch with those feelings that need to be dealt with in order for recovery to occur. When you consider how many people are in therapy, you’ll know you’re not alone in your struggles.

Help can begin by calling the toll-free number on this page. It doesn’t matter what option you choose as long as you get the help you need.