Gambling Addiction Support Groups

Gambling Addiction Support GroupsOne of the most valuable forms of treatment for any kind of addiction can be found with participation in a support group. This definitely holds true with people dealing with gambling addiction problems. Depending on the city where you live, these groups also provide flexible meeting times which mean you can probably find a group when you need one.

Benefits of Gambling Addiction Support Groups

Here are some other key reasons why gambling addiction support groups are helpful for your overall treatment program:

  • They are a safe place to share. The basic tenant of any support group is to provide a secure and safe circle of like-minded individuals who are currently going through their own addiction issues. This means there is a willingness to openly share fears, shames, embarrassments and all other issues connected to a gambling addiction. Groups are also safe because what happens in the group stays in the group. That allows you to express yourself freely.
  • The group is just like you. Because group members are at all levels of experience with addiction, they will be able to identify with the person who is just starting out with their own recovery. There will be many stories of inspiration to share. And there will be just as many stories of relapses. The bottom line is that no one will truly understand what the addict is going through like another addict.
  • No Judgments. The only way a support group can remain supportive is without judgment. No one is going to condemn you if you share a story of losing the family car because of your gambling. They’ve all been there and they’ve all done that. Without that judgment, you’ll discover that dealing with your core issue of impulse control will be a lot easier.
  • Sponsors. The work of support group goes on long after the meeting has ended. Often a new member will be partnered with a sponsor to help them process all the feelings that arise during the group session. This is someone to depend on 24/7 to help get beyond those dark moments when the cravings to gamble overrun your mind. The idea is to call your sponsor instead of placing a bet. They’ll be able to talk you down from the crisis.

As mentioned, support groups can be just one component of a complete recovery process. In the best of conditions, they would be added to an initial rehab stay and with ongoing private therapy sessions. You can get information about all kinds of gambling treatment options by calling the toll-free number on this page.