Effects of Gambling Addiction

Effects of Gambling AddictionIn a study sponsored by the American Gaming Association, it was found that cities with active casinos like Atlantic City, Reno and Las Vegas have higher suicide rates. These tragic deaths can be attributed to gambling losses and not only involve residents, but all the visitors to those cities. Obviously, that is the extreme effect of a gambling addiction that no one should ever have to deal with. The goal is to help someone with a gambling addiction before they reach that point of desperation. The challenge then becomes providing them with the information and resources needed to build a road to recovery.

Consider this article to be a “mirror” article. It can serve as a reflection for the gambling addict to see exactly how their compulsive behaviors can have a ruinous impact on those around them.

What’s at Risk with a Gambling Addiction?

  • Loss of Your Family and Friends. Winning can be a happy experience. Winning at the expense of the people we care about is the complete opposite. A person who is addicted to gambling is putting their family into the proverbial crosshairs. Imagine not being able to pay medical, utility or even food bills because you lost that money at the track. The strain of racking up losses will push your family and friends away. A wall of lies will soon be built up. The result is breakups and isolation. When gamblers talk about what they lost in their lives, at the top of the list are always their family and friends.
  • Loss of Your Money. We all work hard for our money. The reason we work is to provide a decent standard of living for ourselves and our family. If the gambling addict is already alone and living in a seedy motel because that’s all they can afford then that is on them. However, if they have the responsibility of a family to provide for then the loss of money because of gambling can have a dreadful impact. Do you really want to skip birthdays, vacations or holidays because you don’t have the money? What about paying for college or even the daily bills of life? The financial effects of gambling addiction can be astronomical.
  • Loss of a Job. A gambling addict caught up in their destructive behavior patterns could end up skipping work to gamble. They can fall behind on assignments and run afoul of management. With so many qualified people out of work, why would any company keep a poor performer on the payroll?

Help to Combat the Effect of Gambling Addiction

It doesn’t have to get that bad when help is available. Calling the toll-free number on this page will point you in the right direction for a gambling treatment helpline. Get help and stop the effects of your gambling addiction today.