Early Signs of Gambling Addiction

Early Signs of Gambling AddictionA gambling addiction may seem relatively harmless. It doesn’t affect the individual’s ability to drive a car or have a marked impact on his or her health or physical appearance. However once the cycle of gambling addiction is started, it can be incredibly difficult to stop these life-altering behaviors. A gambling addiction is progressive. This means that the early and mild stages of an addiction can turn into a destructive and potentially life-shattering addiction tomorrow. Getting addiction treatment as soon as possible can halt addictive behavior in its tracks.

The Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

Recognizing the signs of an addiction means recognizing there is a problem that needs to be addressed before it escalates into a situation that is a lot more complex. Some of the signs that a person has a problem with gambling include the following:

  • Excessive time spent on gambling websites or at casinos or other gambling venues
  • Unusual increases or decreases in available spending money
  • Feeling jittery and agitated when not gambling
  • Purchasing excessive numbers of lottery tickets or scratch off tickets
  • Feeling anger and anxiety when unable to gain access to sources of gambling
  • Missing work and family events in order to spend time gambling

If you have started to recognize the signs of gambling addiction in yourself or someone that you love, now is the best time to reach out for help and accept that you could benefit from gambling addiction treatment.

How Our Addiction Helpline Can Benefit You

There are many online gambling addiction self-tests that you can take, but these can leave you more confused than before. If you have questions or are concerned about your potential for being addicted, please call our toll-free helpline. Calls are completely confidential and are handled by our knowledgeable counselors. We are here to help you regain control of your life today.