Do I Need Inpatient Rehab for Gambling Addiction?

Do I Need Inpatient Rehab for Gambling Addiction?When most people think of addiction, they immediately think of drugs, alcohol, or even the abuse of household products. They do not think of gambling, even though it is a highly addictive activity that affects thousands of people across the country each year. Gambling triggers the rewards part of the brain, where the brain omits chemicals that make the gambler feel excited and happy when something good happens, like winning money. This feeling alone is very addictive, and is what keeps most gamblers coming back for more. It is often times too late when someone realizes their gambling has gone too far, with destroyed finances or a lack thereof. Finding help for this addiction can pose a series of questions, including if inpatient treatment is really necessary for a gambling addiction.

How Inpatient Treatment Helps a Gambling Addict

The following are the benefits of inpatient care for gambling addiction treatment:

  • Lack of temptation: Even just driving by a casino can be enough to trigger a relapse. By joining inpatient treatment a gambling addict can eliminate temptations and begin to focus on recovery.
  • Understanding gambling addiction: By working with therapists, a gambler can begin to understand why he is gambling so excessively. Both the therapist and the gambler can work together to unravel what is the driving force behind the activity and how it has developed over time. For the gambler, getting a better understanding of why they are compelled to gamble can help them begin to learn how to stop.
  • Learning coping skills: When an addict has always used their object of addiction to cope with life’s stressors, it is difficult for them to learn how to cope without it. Working with someone else to develop coping skills strong enough to ignore that tempting call to gamble will aid in developing the strength a gambler needs to stay on the right path.

Inpatient treatment is not just for people who are physically ill from their addictions. It is designed to create an atmosphere for users of all kinds to evaluate their actions, learn how to cope, and better understand the driving forces behind their temptations. Inpatient treatment for gambling is highly recommended for those who take it too far and put their lives and the lives of others in jeopardy through their actions.

Gambling Addiction Help

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