Casino Gambling Addiction

Casino Gambling AddictionIn the world of casinos, there is a special kind of gambler known as “a whale.” This is a gambler who has unlimited funds to wager. They will typically play in just one or two types of games, but these games are extremely high stake affairs. For operators of casinos, hooking a whale becomes their primary mission. When a whale shows up at a casino, the rooms, meals, cars and flights are all free. The casinos know if they make a whale happy, they’ll keep coming back and will drop millions of dollars at every visit. Wouldn’t it be nice to have millions of dollars to throw away like that?

For most of us, a trip to a casino occurs during a vacation. It’s only an occasional night of fun. But that night of fun can take a decidedly nasty turn when someone becomes hooked to the casino gambling experience. There was a time when the only place for casino action was Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Now, casinos have sprung up in many states. It’s not hard to imagine that a person can find a casino within driving distance of their home. Because of this easy access, there has been a rise in casino gambling addictions.

Signs of Casino Gambling Addiction

Unlike other forms of gambling addiction, it’s easy to spot a casino gambling addiction. The addict feels compelled to travel to the casino to get their fix. However, that’s pretty much where the differences end. A gambling addict will put their jobs, relationships and financial security at risk whether they are making sport bets, playing online poker or spending all their time in a casino. When the addiction has forced the addict to their lowest emotional point, they can seek help through many different courses of gambling addiction treatment.

Casino Gambling Addiction Treatment Options

  1. Phone Help Lines. The most common first step to find help with any type of gambling addiction is to make a simple phone call. The toll-free number on this page is a perfect example of the kind of instant help a gambling addict can get. The counselors on the other end of the line not only provide resources and information, but they are there to listen.
  2. Support Groups. As with other forms of addictive behavior, casino gambling addicts can find help through support groups that are populated by recovering addicts. Most of these groups use the successful 12-step program that is the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous. For many, these groups become an essential lifeline.
  3. Therapy. Supplement any type of group support with ongoing therapy. Private sessions allow a gambling addict to delve deep into the issues that might have driven them to start the compulsion. It’s also a safe environment where skills can be developed to manage the temptations.

Different recovery methods work for different people. Usually, it will be a combination of all three treatment options. The goal with any recovery program is to break the habit and restore your life.