Are There Interventions for Gambling Addicts?

Are There Interventions for Gambling Addicts?Gambling addiction is a serious problem. It is not always thought of when the word addiction is mentioned, as most people will immediately have a mental picture of street drugs such as heroin. While drug addiction is often obvious and stereotyped, gambling addiction may be subtler.

Myths about Gambling

Casinos often sponsor television ads that feature beautiful people with money who are dancing, getting massages, eating delicious food and laughing around a card table as they try their luck against each other. They always seem to have enough money to play as long as they want, and someone always wins. Gamblers often believe that they are adventurous and that any success they experience is due to their own skill, but those thoughts are self-deceptions.

The Real Truth about Gambling Addiction

Thousands of successful people have been ruined through their addictions to gambling as they begin to visit the casino more frequently, becoming increasingly determined to win the one game that has enthralled them. Winning only fuels the fire, as the money they have won is often quickly lost in the pursuit of more. No sum may be large enough to satisfy an addicted gambler, as he can always imagine more just beyond his reach. At first, it may be easy for him to invent plausible excuses for where he has been and what he has done with his money, but the addiction eventually becomes too serious to hide.

The Importance of Intervention

Intervention can be arranged for any addiction, including gambling. It is often necessary that an intervention be organized for an unrepentant gambling addict. Gambling addiction should be addressed immediately because of the damage it can do to anyone close to or dependent on the addict. The addict’s dependents could be faced with financial ruin that may come from the loss of money due to gambling and his loved ones may find him begging them for money, stealing it from them or even threatening them with physical harm if they do not supply him with more money with which to gamble. Intervention specialists have been trained to help an addict’s loved ones present him with the truth of what he is doing. Some have even been trained to deal with gambling addiction specifically. The support of loved ones can be the deciding factor in helping a gambling addict to escape a habit that is destroying him.

How to Intervene in the Life of a Gambling Addict You Love

If you have wondered if intervention is a possibility for your loved one who is addicted to gambling, we can help you find an interventionist and give you other useful information. Please call our toll-free helpline, with counselors available 24 hours a day, to find hope for your loved one. Call us today.